by Chef Rafael Gonzalez


Confidence in the kitchen isn't just for Michelin-trained chefs. 

Mealtime is family time with high quality culinary and cocktail recipes with a wow-factor.

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you can have

SAVOR THE TASTE OF restaurant-style MEALS at home

Teaching families how to re-create their favorite restaurant meals from the comfort of their homes.

You don't have to be trained chef to WOW your family with delicious, from-scratch meals --- just the confidence to try.

Hey there. I'm Rafael, and I've been cooking in the kitchens of luxury hotels, resorts and five-star restaurants around the world for the past 25 years.

During the height of the pandemic, I lost my prestigious title and position in the industry, but discovered a new passion...

chef, dad, little league baseball coach
and eSPN commentator wannabe

I'm Rafael

Learn the tricks of the trade and without having to step into culinary school. I'll teach how to choose and use high-quality ingredients so you can cook and plate like a 5-star eatery.  

Build confidence in the kitchen with easy-to-follow and delicious recipes from a Michelin-trained chef. 

I know precisely what recipes will make you say "WOW" and my hostess with the mostess wife will inspire you to set the table and make every meal FEEL LIKE a special occasion

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"And resorted to cook something at home from Chef's recipes. We love the variety of classes.  

We wouldn’t invest in someone that we didn’t think was amazing at every cooking class he did. My daughter has found a new love for cooking. We've had nothing but growth, consistency and amazing dishes." 

marla heyduck

"A couple of times, my daughter wasn't sure about the class when I enrolled her (either because she never tried the dish before or she just didn't like it).
However, after taking Chef Rafael's class, she now loves the dishes!"

"He is a seldom found perfect blend of experienced practitioner and gifted instructor. From mise en place to final plating Chef Raf's classes are fun, empowering, and educational."

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We’ve truly thought twice every time we decided to get take out

The Chef + The Wife

As a chef and wife team, you'll have both a pro chef an experienced event planner on your side.

With our combined expertise of over 35 years, we'll teach you how to craft and present meals with a WOW-factor and give you the confidence, the tools and know-how to cook impressive dishes and welcome friends and family more often so you can become the super host that you can be.


And that's why we're doing this.

We offer the opportunity to nourish the mind, soul and stomach of everyone at the table. Everyone can have fun in the kitchen while expanding their taste buds.

Mealtime is a chance to reconnect, express your creativity and show off.

Restore the kitchen as the heart of your home through family mealtime that actually feels like fun.

Rather be pampered? Get an on-site cooking lesson or get the white-glove service if you're planning a special dinner or celebrating an occasion. Let me cook for you and my team serve you and your guests.

On-site Cooking

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Learn to elevate your home cooked dinners guided by a chef and an event pro. Cook gourmet meals without spending hours in the kitchen and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

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"He is now passing his knowledge and skills to his younger siblings. We are beyond blessed to have Chef Raf as his mentor and teacher, guiding our young chef to a much more sophisticated palate."  

— Diana Chin, Certified Montessori Educator, Mom of 4, including 10-year old Micah.


"We plan our week around the classes and it's not a burden, we really enjoy it, we have great family time and I couldn't ask for anything better...we have friends who make it a point of knowing what class we're taking so they can be here when we're done and they can share a meal and take a plate to go..."

— Robin & Titos Barrientos, parents of 11-year old Victoria

"As a family we definitely have new favorites and we make it a point to carve out time together."

"Miracle workers you two!" 

"In a world where it is very hard to stop and step away from demands, Chef Rafael's classes are often a respite in our busy week to come together as family and create something delicious together. Not only did we create amazing food but important memories that will last a lifetime."

—  Heather Kamia, Social Worker and mom of 10 year old Yeleen and 6 year old Kanu

"For a child with sensory issues, it has given us healthier options"

So much confidence here

let's create dishes that wow

We're here to bring the home back to home cooking -- with pizazz to spare!

the magic is real.