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YouTube is such a great place to share some of my easiest recipes and really give a you a little bit of a taste of my techniques and teaching style. I'm always recording new content in my home kitchen so don't forget to subscribe so you'll be notified of new uploads.

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Whether it's a fancy feast or comfort cooking, I simplify it so that you can enjoy a great meal right at home without having to travel, dine out, get a babysitter and spend too much money.

Gourmet restaurant recipes

Global + Seasonal cuisine

While I can actually eat the same thing for a week, my family can't. They love to have a variety of cuisines during the week whether we dine out or cook at home. Learn how easy it is to curate your own global kitchen repertoire so you can please the pickiest of eaters in your home.

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cocktails + Libations

It's no secret that my wife loves to mix drinks while I make dinner. This is our "thing" and what brings her and I into the kitchen. Make it yours too while you catch some of our favorites on the 'Tube.

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Salmon Poke Bowl with Furikake Seasoning

Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Parmesan with Gluten Free Pomodoro Pasta

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Za'atar Spiced Hummus and Olive Oil Brushed Pita

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Breakfast on the Go: Chia Pudding (coming soon)

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I'm rafael, I'll be your chef-friend.

After decades in the five-star restaurant, luxury hotels and resorts industry, I pivoted my expertise and experience online, thanks to the pandemic of 2020. Come and learn how to cook gourmet meals the same way I have since taught hundreds of students how to cook just like a chef from their own kitchens.

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Hey there!

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Who said cooking should be a one-man or one-woman show? If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then we should be spending more quality time with family right there. 

I know, I know, you're always on the run, how can cooking even be a joy?

Let me help you plan and prepare your weekly meals. I may be a professional chef, but I am still a husband, and a father of two kids who are always hungry when they get home from school. Like you, I work a full-time job yet the kitchen is still my department at home. 

I know what it's like to have that burning question nightly, "What are we having for dinner?" You're in the right place. I'm here to give share with you what I plan, prepare and cook for my family of 4 (well, 5 if you count my rescue lab, always waiting for scraps) and make dinnertime something to look forward to again.

My superpower is helping families craft restaurant quality meals so they can experience the joy of cooking              and become the          in their own kitchens.



- kristi b.

My 9 year old has become so confident cooking, and we all get to enjoy the bounty. He says he likes cooking more than baseball"

"another amazing class with chef rafael.

- Kristine H.

Chef Rafael is so engaging and patient with all the students, he is a stellar instructor! Your child will always learn essential culinary technical skills in any of Chef Rafael's classes, and the recipes are amazingly delicious! A++"

RECIPE: Carnival-style apple fritters

"my daughter (And I) thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make apple fritters!

- Jacob D.

This meal was broken down into simple steps that my son easily followed. Chef Raf engages with each child to ensure they all feel included. He is by far our favorite instructor to take classes with. He has a passion for cooking and it really shines through when he talks to the students and gives them advice. This recipe was a winner and we look forward to looking more with him I the future."


"another fantastic night of cooking with chef raf.

- Kismet W.

with Chef Raf so far (and there have been some incredible contenders). Who would believe that my 13yo made shrimp stick, creamy grits, and an incredibly flavored shrimp saute? Chef Raf makes it possible."

RECIPE: Southern shrimp and grits

"THIS Is possibly my favorite dish that my daughter has made...

- Jonni Z.

"So, my daughter doesn't like banana bread, but wanted to take this class just because she loves cooking with Chef Rafael (and she knows mom and brother loves banana bread ;) That said, she loved the bread she made! She did it mostly by herself, using a lot of techniques she learned from Chef in past classes, and


she and I learned some new tips for making banana bread. delicious!"



Recipes to surprise and delight a discerning palate or the pickiest eater in your home. Get your family in the kitchen with you so you can experience the joy of cooking together.

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I'm spilling the beans. You don't have to be a pro chef to cook just like one. Here are six simple ways to transform your cooking from ho-hum to hubba-hubba. 

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