Making dinner shouldn’t be a dreaded chore. It can really be a time that brings family together. I understand the overwhelm that happens in the kitchen, from the prep work to clean up, the lack of knowing what or how to cook, the fear of messing up, food waste and everything in between. I’m here to change your perspective of cooking, to guide you and give you the confidence, resources, and skills to be the chef in your home.

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The table isn't the only place a family should connect.

“It has been a huge help to have someone in the kitchen that can really actually HELP me! We enjoy being in the kitchen together and I feel confident having my daughter take over some cooking that I would never have dreamt she could do before.”

Jonni Z.

Sous-Chef Love Notes

Become the chef of your own home and explore new recipes with expert guidance, clear instructions, and a good time. Each live class is held with a tight knit group to provide personalization, individual feedback, pro tips, and recipes to repeat later. 

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Trade the overwhelm of prepping and planning and fall in love with the art of cooking. Expose your family to new cuisines and cultures, sharpen your skills, and spend quality time with each other. You’ll be wildly surprised by what you and your kids are capable of!

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The journey starts and ends in the kitchen! Become a founding member of our exclusive HOME CHEF SOCIETY where you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with me to shape the course of the membership and be involved in the co-creation process. Founding members get lifetime updates and upgrades and are locked in at the forever lowest price before we launch to the general public.

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Now it's time to enjoy your culinary creation. Take off your apron, sit down, savor the meal and enjoy your time with the family. You deserve it. Pat yourself on the back, please!


Show up ready to go with your mise en place, (French for "everything in its place") through the live meeting link we provide. We’ll have two hours of learning, cooking, and fun! You’ll walk away with new skills, increased kitchen confidence, and a delicious meal to enjoy with your loved ones. Yum!


Time to prep! Shortly after you book, you'll receive the list of ingredients and equipment needed to best prepare for our class together.


Book a class with me! Live 1-2 hour cooking classes are usually held once or twice a week. 

The Virtual Culinary Experience

What To Expect

Cheers! Bravo!
After your class, you’ll get a copy of all the recipes, beautifully designed to compile into your own e-book so you can recreate your meals at home, any time. 


- Jacob D.

"the class was a ton of fun and the end result brought my husband back to his early days in texas. thank you so much for another delicious meal!

- Lyles fam

“This is the eleventh class that I have taken with Chef Raf. These classes are always lots of fun to do and I’m always amazed to see how my food turns out. I’d honestly recommend his classes to anyone!”

- Kristi B.

"wow this was one of the most amazing meals i have ever eaten! chef rafael is a great teacher. he is patient, detailed and always so encouraging!

- Hee L.

"my son calls it the best dinner ever!!! =) "



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Make restaurant-quality meals that make you go, “You HAVE to taste this!”

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