Create a Five-Star Summer Dish that Boosts Your Health

Summertime  Flavors 

A           masterclass on JUNE 15th to create dishes that not only taste good but also support your brain, gut health, and provide lasting energy.

Ideal for those who prioritize their health but refuse to compromise on taste. If you're looking to infuse your diet with nutritious yet flavorful dishes, this free training is for you.

Specifically tailored for older adults who enjoy exploring new dishes and want gourmet dining experiences in the comfort of their own homes.

Perfect if you have specific health concerns or dietary restrictions such as heart health, diabetes management, or inflammatory conditions and are looking for delicious recipes that cater to your needs.

If you find yourself cooking the same meals repeatedly and are in need of some fresh, exciting ideas that are both healthy and delicious, this class will rejuvenate your meal planning.

For those who love hosting and want to impress their guests with dishes that are as visually appealing as they are satisfying and wholesome.

Health-Conscious Foodies

Individuals with Dietary Needs: 

Experienced Home Cooks Seeking Inspiration: 

Social Hosts and Entertainers

Adventurous Home Chefs Aged 45 and Above:

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ready for your healthiest summer yet?


Before we go any further

Let's talk about who will benefit from this FREE live training (REPLAY available...yay!)

that's me!
that's me! 

Expert Nutrition Insights from Shoshanna

Dive deep into the health benefits of ingredients used in our feature dish, the Wild Salmon & Grain Salad with Orange Balsamic Dressing. Shoshanna will explain how these ingredients promote health and well-being, helping you understand how you can support a long and healthy life enjoying the foods you love.

Cooking Demonstrations by Chef Raf

Watch and learn as Chef Raf shares his top techniques for preparing and presenting the Wild Salmon & Grain Salad. From perfect searing of salmon to artistic plating tips, you’ll learn how to turn simple ingredients into a visually stunning and delicious meal.

Comprehensive Shopping List and Full Recipe

No need to take notes on the ingredients or preparation steps! Just soak up the training. We’ll provide you with a detailed shopping list and the complete recipe so you can easily recreate the dish at home.

Exclusive Resource: One Week Macros Menu Ideas from Shoshanna

Gain exclusive access to Shoshanna’s resource, One Week Macros Menu Ideas with guidelines and recommendations, quick recipes, Amazon faves, and food lists organized by health benefits according to Dr. William Li. which helps you upgrade your nutrition and improve your quality of life.

what you'll get

Inside the
Healthy Flavors Masterclass

Live Q&A Session with Shoshanna & Chef Raf

Have questions? Get them answered in our live Q&A session following the class. This is your chance to ask both Shoshanna and Chef Raf anything about the recipes, techniques, and nutritional content.

blending gourmet and nutrition holistically

Anyone can toss a salad together but let's focus on being intentional with our ingredients.

Learn how to select and combine foods that support your overall health, including:

Brain Health: Discover ingredients that enhance cognitive function and clarity.

Gut Health: Incorporate foods that promote a healthy digestive system.

Energy: Choose nutrient-dense items that sustain your energy throughout the day.


get the secrets to restaurant-quality salads that are

What you'll be able to do after this masterclass


Prepare a Gourmet-Style Salad at Home

Confidently craft a Wild Salmon & Grain Salad using the professional techniques demonstrated by Chef Raf, ensuring your dishes are not only delicious but visually appealing.

Understand the Nutritional Impact of Each Ingredient

Gain a thorough understanding of why each ingredient in the salad is beneficial to your health, thanks to Shoshanna’s expert insights, allowing you to make informed dietary choices that support your wellness.

Apply Nutritional Knowledge to Everyday Cooking

Between Chef Raf and Shoshanna, you’ll learn how to substitute quality ingredients and prepare them in ways that delight your senses and help you live a longer, healthier life.

Plus, you’ll have access to two incredible people who will support you on your culinary and health journey.

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Meet your functional nutritionist

I've been fascinated with nutrition, neuroscience, fitness, and a positive mindset.

founder of:
shorichek functional nutrition and Lifestyle counseling

Hi, I'm Sho

I'm an accomplished business woman with a diverse entrepreneurial background living in the magical city of Charleston, South Carolina.

My passion for health and wellness has always been my focus so that I can help professional women lead healthier lives and help them improve chronic illness, lose weight (and keep it off!) while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Meet your chef + wife team

We love recreating our favorite restaurant-dishes from home and making it an experience.

With nearly 35 years of our combined experience in the luxury hotel and restaurant industry, we've immersed ourselves in the world of flavors and techniques both professionally and at home.

When you join any of our programs and classes, we hold your hands (and mitts from) beginning to end. We're here to not only refine your cooking skills but also revamp the way you approach cooking.

creators of:
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We're Chef Raf & Toni

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That's what we're here for! This is a LIVE class so at the end, we will have dedicated time for Q&A.

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It sure is! No catch. You'll even get more FREE gifts when you sign up!

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How long is the Summertime Healthy Flavors Masterclass?

Great question! We respect your time and aim to make this quick yet punchy. It should last no longer than 45 minutes plus time for Q&A to answer your questions!

Summertime Flavors

A  Masterclass in
Nutrition & Cooking



meet us in the kitchen on june 15th
saturday, 8am PT | 11am ET

Don't wait to start eating healthy, appealing and easy gourmet salads!

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