it takes a duo to make a thing go right


the G-goals:

No matter where in the world we dine, our kitchen is our happiest place on earth.

That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Let's make it yours too!

Our cooking love story began a long time ago. 

I always cooked up a storm. Toni loved to set the table, the scene and the vibe.
She always kept the drinks coming.

We re-created dining experiences we had so that our friends and family could enjoy them together with us, at home.

Memorable meals at home

with your family



Rafael Gonzalez

Toni Gonzalez

The chef + the wife

Many moons ago, Toni and I worked together at the same luxury hotel. After she became my wife, she supported my career, became a full-time mom and raised our kids wherever in the world my job would lead me.

Our life in different countries and cities shaped our love of global cuisine. Recreating meals helps us feel connected to all the different places we've lived in and visited. 

We're still reviving those dishes to this day and now have the amazing opportunity to share all those special recipes with you and maybe take you back to places that are special to you too.

Oh hey there. I'm a pro chef with over 2 decades of experience but I'm not going to bore you with a LinkedIn type of introduction.

I love cooking because there's always something new to learn. An ingredient, a technique, dish or even tools. I never get bored.

Want to get on my good side? Let's talk sports! I'm a crazy sports fanatic and I am insanely superstitious when it comes to my team winning or losing. Sports radio is my reprieve when I drive to and from work.

I can eat the same food for a whole week. Most people find that surprising for a chef. I've been an on-and-off intermittent faster but everything is out the door when I start revising and refreshing menus at work because I have to try, test and taste everything.


Behind the apron

Hey. Hey. I'm the other half of Chef Raf. I'm always behind his every career move,
but most recently, behind the scenes and the screen in his new role as virtual culinary coach.

I'm every bit of Type-A as you can imagine. I love design, beauty and order. I'm a matcha & chai lover, cocktail queen, vintage and thrift store junkie, former bikini competition wannabe turned Pilates addict. 

My love language is quality time, so I love me some date nights with Raf, but I also love when he cooks in. We're Dave Ramsey converts after all. 

Our date nights work twofold: to unwind and allow us to get inspiration from new drinks and dishes we try, taste and test at home and can't wait to share with you! 

Not a bad team, right?



Behind the screen

Cooking is your way of showing love for your family.

You want to serve them in a way that you can also express your creativity and feel good about it.

It means a lot when they spend time with you and help you out, especially in the kitchen.

WE GET IT. We really do.

So...why do you need us?

a home cooked meal is important to you. But so is your time. More importantly, time with your family.

When you join us for a cooking class online, you're going to have an amazing time in the kitchen and you'll want to learn more.

You'll find the joy of cooking (it was there somewhere!) and dinner time becomes something to look forward to once again.

You'll *WOW* yourself with a restaurant quality meal you never thought you could make yourself.

You'll realize that it wasn't that hard.

You'll experience a new sense of pride and confidence in yourself.

You'll be surprised at the cost savings from cooking at home and wonder why you didn't start sooner.

You'll learn to slow down, carve out some family time to plan, prepare and enjoy a meal around the table with the ones you care about most.

what we can do for you...

let's cook together

Our Story:

From the beginning

It all started while working at a luxury hotel on 5th Ave in New York City, in the winter of 2004. 

Take a snoop inside our life and get to know why it all comes naturally and why we love doing what we do for you...

Our paths cross for the first time in February. It was Toni's first day at the Pierre Hotel, NY.  We met in the most romantic place on property...the food storage room.

We sealed the deal at Manhattan City  and celebrated at the same spot where it all began.

To this day, we still recreate our signature cocktail, "The Rickshaw" from Gramercy Tavern.

I became the Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Vancouver. 

I'm big on the WOW factor. So I took her to Gramercy Tavern for the chef's 8-course tasting menu and her favorite bottle of Meursault.

Got myself a second date. 

She turned me down for dinner twice before she finally agreed to go out with me in the fall. 

we'll bring our experiences and joy of cooking global cuisine from manila, miami, manhattan and beyond to your home.



In the months that followed I wined and dined Toni all over Manhattan. 

"He knew all the best restaurants and was always able to get a NYC.  He introduced me to a lot of new dishes and my palate became more refined." - Toni

Our first child was born in October. Committed to raising a global family, we got her American, Canadian and Philippine passport.

Later, I accepted a new position as Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Philadelphia. 

I moved to Philadelphia in January, but Toni's complicated visa issues forced her, and our 3 month old, to sort out her green card in the Philippines.

I visited multiple times and I developed an even stronger appreciation for Philippine cuisine and culture. The food scene was big in Manila.

18 months of waiting and Toni's visa was ready. It was bittersweet as we canceled a family trip to Japan and said goodbye to our Manila family. I was finally able to fly back, this not, not alone. We began our new chapter in the City of Brotherly Love.

Cheesesteaks, hoagies, soft pretzels and Amish scrapples became our norm.

In the summer, we flew from Vancouver to Manila to celebrate our first year of marriage with...another wedding. 

As always, we dined our way through Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok. It was my first time in Asia. 

I was blown away by the cuisine, hospitality and service standards. It drew inspiration to my own cooking style.






We cooked a lot from home, when we missed our favorite restaurants.

With a big home, big patio and a big pool, we always had company at home.

I cooked the food and Toni mixed the drinks.

Life was better on the beach, sipping rum punch and eating Johnny cakes.

High rise, city living was getting old. We decided to live the dream and accept a position at the Viceroy Anguilla, BWI, which later became a Four Seasons Hotel.

Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean islands in September displacing us, leaving all our belongings and pets back in Anguilla. Our life was turned upside down.

We stayed in Miami indefinitely, until corporate found a property with an open Executive Chef position.

In the meantime, we made the most out of our extended stay, enjoying all the Cuban cuisine down Calle Ocho.

What started as temp, task-force post for three months became a permanent offer by January.
I accepted the position as Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Houston.

Bring on the barbecue, ribs, Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, y'all!

Our little Philadelphia Eagle was born in April completing la familia.
Toni was now a full time mom of 2 kids and 2 cats.

One big happy family. The proof is in the pudding #winningatparenting






COVID-19. All h*ll breaks loose. I lose my job at the Four Seasons Houston in April.

Toni encourages me to teach cooking classes online. 
I gave it a shot. I enjoyed it. I found a new calling. A new passion. 

It's a balancing act back at work in Downton Houston and as an online culinary instructor at Taste by RLG (the online biz I started). But most importantly, at home, as a father and husband. 

Yes, I know exactly what it's like to come home and think "WHAT SHOULD I MAKE FOR DINNER?"

With a clear vision and mission for my students, Toni steps back from online ESL and joins me full time rebranding our online business, CHEF RAFAEL GONZALEZ || Virtual Culinary Experiences, featuring global cuisine you can cook together as a family right at home.

Moved to a home in the 'burbs and adopted a dog we named, Toro, after the Texan's mascot.

After a 10-year maternity leave, Toni sets up a home-office-classroom, teaching English online and homeschooling our kids.

We began our Dave Ramsey debt-free journey and cooked more and more at home.

We resisted the urge to dine out for a full 6 months.





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in the kitchen...

I've cracked the code. Seriously.

If the way to your partner's heart is through the stomach...then a well thought out meal works like a charm all the time.'s my not-so-secret weapon. Whenever we agree to disagree (aka FIGHT AND ARGUE), I cook up a storm. And that usually clears the air. *wink*

the magic is real.

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