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be the hostess with the mostess and take your traditional holiday dinner party to new heights

Have fun CRafting holiday dinners that make your friends and family feel like they're in a five-star your own home.

look good in front of all your guests (and maybe even make the neighbors slightly jealous)

Elevate my holiday cooking game!

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This FREE Workshop Is For You    

You live for the joy of cooking, and nothing beats sharing that passion with loved ones!

You're looking for a fresh, modern, easy, yet elevated way to plan a memorable holiday dinner for your friends and family this season.

The kitchen is the heart of your home! You love the family bonding experience, the shared activity where you create happy memories together. It makes your heart full.


You’d like NEW, expert ideas and advice or maybe just need a friendly nudge to kickstart those holiday dinner plans you’ve been planning in your head.

You thrive in a "let's do this together", hands-on learning atmosphere and love setting time aside to gather inspiration, make lists, shop, and turn your dinner plan into reality.

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What you'll learn here

Planning an epic dinner may sound like a tall order, but when you learn to make these 5 key decisions, planning will be easy, you'll actually enjoy yourself, and you and your family and friends are guaranteed a night to remember.

Picking a theme

the modern potluck

drink pairings

Plating, Presentation & the table


a fabulous fall food board

Deciding on the main ingredient/theme or cuisine is where it all begins. You won't run out of inspiration with our idea bank

The new way and practical way to host in 2023

Why having His & Hers signature drinks and alternative mocktails matter

Simple yet impactful ways to bring the WOW factor in 

You'll create an epic and edible centerpiece that works double-duty for you

Learn easy ways to bring it all together with the details no one thinks about but make a difference

5 Key Decisions

To plan an epic dinner with ease, you're going to have to make 5 key decisions. We'll go through each one so you can host your dinner for 4 or 40. Be that hostess with the mostess!

Live Training

This 10-day workshop will be held live from beginning to end  inside a private Facebook group so you'll be fully supported in your path to planning epic meals. (this ain't no recorded webinar)

Weekly Q&A

ASK US ANYTHING you want because we'll be hanging out for dedicated Q&A time to help you plan your dream dinner. Bring your fave bevvie, this is Culinary Happy Hour with the Chef and the Wife!

Tons of Free Stuff

Did someone say FREE??? Yep! It's not a party until someone starts giving away gifts. There'll be lots of free stuff, bonuses and surprises to hand out. So come on over!

what you'll get

food workshop


Hello there, we're Raf & Toni, and we're all about creating fantastic meals and hosting unforgettable dining experiences right from our own home. 

With three decades of professional cooking experience under my belt, I've had the privilege of working in Michelin-star restaurants, luxurious hotels, five-star resorts, and even behind the scenes in private kitchens.

Toni and I have been cooking, baking, and mixing drinks together long before we tied the knot. It's one thing we've cherished and continued to enjoy together, 19 years down the road!

In this FREE workshop, we're so excited to spill the beans on the dinners we've perfected over the years. We can't wait to share our secrets with you so that you can uncover these culinary treasures to make your holidays even more special!

Surely! There are so many ways to cater to restrictions and I can give you multiple ideas to make your dinner "inclusive". Working at hotels and restaurants all these years, I've come across all kinds of limitations whether they are spurred by allergies, social choices, religious beliefs, lifestyle changes or the latest health craze. We can tailor anything to fit your needs.

I have dietary restrictions, is this for me?

Toni and I welcome all home chefs at all levels. While we do have some seasoned cooks joining us to elevate their dinners, we have helped many beginners find joy in the kitchen and develop confidence in their own skills to cook for their family and friends. You'll meet them inside the group so come on over and be inspired!

i don't have cooking skills, is this too hard for me?

Yes, for sure! we are here to help you plan your epic dinner and if you've been in any of my classes or our courses before, you know that we love answering all your questions (in crazy detail) to help you. You'll be able to ask questions during the live training, get feedback inside the private group and we even have weekly Q&A that is dedicated to just answering all your questions.

are the classes live? can I ask questions?

The replays will be available right after every training. There are TWO WAYS TO WATCH 1) the replay, immediately available inside the private FB group OR 2) via direct link to the video recording -- so if you don't have a FB account, you'll receive an email with the link to the replay and you can watch at your own time to stay up to date.

what if i can't attend the live trainings?

100% F-R-E-E. The workshop training is packed with value so that you have all the tools you need to plan your own epic dinner, regardless of size, occasion or theme. You'll walk away with your own action plan to confidently host any type of dinner/lunch or brunch gathering.

is this really free? is there a catch?

The training is for 10 days (October 2-13) but there will be additional days (October 16-19) where we will still be live for Q&A to give you additional support, get you unstuck with your plans, a chance for 1:1 menu and dinner planning with Chef Raf, among other post-training events. We meet for about 1/2 hour each night (MWF 7pm ET/4 PT; TTh 8:30pm ET/5:30 PT).  

when is this free workshop taking place?

don't worry, we have the answers!

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