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Free Cooking Challenge

A FREE 5-day cooking  challenge to learn the secrets of preparing, cooking and plating restaurant-quality dishes (in just a half hour) in the comfort of your own kitchen.

out with the old, in with the new! Say goodbye to boring dinners and hello to an enjoyable cooking experience and recipe repertoire for 2024.

learn how to cook high-quality, restaurant-style meals without the hassle of lengthy preparations and complicated recipes.

Plate up exquisite dishes just like a chef, even on hectic weeknights so you can have a fun family affair or a romantic date night at home.

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ready to level up your dinners?

In just 5 days

You'll channel your inner chef and craft restaurant-quality meals in 30 minutes or less 

It's a journey of taste, technique, and triumph.

Learn what it takes to craft meals that WOW in little time and trade the complicated recipes and long hours of prep that STEAL PRECIOUS TIME FROM YOUR LOVED ONES. 

Experience the satisfaction of seeing your cooking efforts translate into unforgettable dining moments... making your hard work truly appreciated.

effortlessly recreate those exquisite dishes you admire at your favorite restaurants to have a new recipe repertoire your family will love in the new Year.

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Your Culinary Desire, Our Mission

Turning Cravings into Delicious Realities

We've all been there, wanting to whip up unforgettable meals. That's why our mission is to make your culinary dreams come true. We get the late-night Pinterest scrolling, blog-hopping, the occasional takeout orders when time's tight, and the desire to create magic in the kitchen.

It's time to take your craving and turn it into a kitchen triumph.

Meet the chef + wife team

We love recreating our favorite restaurant-dishes from home and making it an experience.

With nearly 35 years of our combined experience in the luxury hotel and restaurant industry, we've immersed ourselves in the world of flavors and techniques both professionally and at home. When you join our program, we hold your hands and mitts from beginning to end. We're here to not only refine your culinary skills but also to revamp the way you approach cooking, plating, and entertaining.

creators of wow factor food Academy 
& The 12 Days of Cocktails Calendar

We're chef Raf & Toni

“Chef Raf taught us that high quality meals don't take all evening!”

As a family, we have all become much more refined, confident home chefs and have never felt intimidated with Chef Rafael guiding us. In fact, my daughter's favorite recipe from Chef Raf is Bananas Foster flambé crepes. 

Robin, ambitious home chef

“He clearly spells it out for you. It isn't crazy difficult.”

I loved how Chef Raf and Toni took me step by step through every detail. They didn't miss a thing. Everything was clear. It was easy to follow and they were really attentive to any specific needs that you have.

susan, adventurous home chef

Surely! There are so many ways to cater to restrictions and I can give you multiple ideas to make your dinner "inclusive". Working at hotels and restaurants all these years, I've come across all kinds of limitations whether they are spurred by allergies, social choices, religious beliefs, lifestyle changes or the latest health craze. We can tailor anything to fit your needs.

I have dietary restrictions, is this for me?

Toni and I welcome all home chefs at all levels. While we do have some seasoned cooks joining us to elevate their dinners, we have helped many beginners find joy and success in the kitchen AND develop immense confidence in their own skills to cook for their family and friends. You'll meet them inside the group so come on over and be inspired! 

i don't have cooking skills, is this too hard for me?

Yes, for sure! We're here to help you kickstart your menu planning (not meal planning) for the New Year and if you've been in any of my classes or our courses before, you know that we love answering all your questions (in crazy detail) to help you. You'll be able to ask questions during the live training, get feedback inside the private group and we even have weekly Q&A that is dedicated to support you and your goals.

are the classes live? can I ask questions?

We got you covered because we know that you're busy. Cooking meals in 30 minutes or less is in fact designed for the busy home chef. Replays will be available right after every training inside the FB group. You can watch it immediately after in case something unexpected comes up (it always happens) so you'll never feel like you're left behind. 

what if i can't attend the live trainings?

100% F-R-E-E. The challenge is packed with information and value so that you have all the tools you need to plan your 30-minute dinners, even on busy nights. You'll walk away with your own action plan to confidently plan, cook and plate your restaurant-style meal at home.

is this really free? is there a catch?

The challenge itself runs for 5 days (January 22-26) but there will be additional days (January 29-31) where we will still be going live for Q&A to give you additional support, get you unstuck with menu planning, chances for 1:1 coaching, menu and dinner planning with Chef Raf, among other post-training events. We meet for about 1/2 hour each night (MWF 7pm ET/4 PT; TTh 8:30pm ET/5:30 PT).  

when is this free CHALLENGE taking place?

don't worry, we have the answers!

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This FREE Challenge is for you    

You're an ambitious home chef and always want to elevate your culinary skills and create gourmet, restaurant-style meals at home that don’t take all night to make.

You still crave a restaurant-level experience even on the busiest of days juggling work, school and after-school activities or family obligations without compromising your family time.

You're looking for effortless romantic dinners without the fuss and cook gourmet meals for a memorable date night experience at home.


You want to learn a variety of quick and easy yet delicious and impressive restaurant-style meals without the need for extensive time or effort.

You need kitchen confidence for every occasion whether it's a busy weeknight, a romantic evening, or any occasion in between. You want to cook with flair and become the culinary genius your family and loved ones admire.

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Free Cooking Challenge



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Don't Wait to Make Your Culinary Dreams a Reality!

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