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Frozen chicken nuggets isn't dinner. 

Making mealtime an enriching experience is how we raise confident kids with diverse palates.

You can have fun in the kitchen while expanding your taste buds.

made simple

home cooking


You know meals are so much more than the dish itself. You're creating memories with your family, not just dinner.

You want to give your children an enriching experience and a leg up in the world..and don't mind paying more for high quality

You want your kitchen to be the heart of the home like you remember growing up...

Your friends and family mean EVERYTHING and you want to connect over a home-cooked meal that could be served at your favorite high-end restaurant...

for the adventurous & ambitious home cook

Rather be pampered? Get an on-site cooking lesson or get the white-glove service if you're planning a special dinner or celebrating an occasion. Let me cook for you and my team serve you and your guests.

On-site Cooking

I want you to cook for me

A new cooking course is brewing for early 2023. We're going on another tour of the world so you and your family can craft international dishes for a busy weeknight or a weekend dinner.

Culinary Course

I want to cook with my family

What are you craving?



"He is now passing his knowledge and skills to his younger siblings. We are beyond blessed to have Chef Raf as his mentor and teacher, guiding our young chef to a much more sophisticated palate."  

— Diana Chin, Certified Montessori Educator, Mom of 4, including 10-year old Micah.


"We plan our week around the classes and it's not a burden, we really enjoy it, we have great family time and I couldn't ask for anything better...we have friends who make it a point of knowing what class we're taking so they can be here when we're done and they can share a meal and take a plate to go..."

— Robin & Titos Barrientos, parents of 11-year old Victoria

"As a family we definitely have new favorites and we make it a point to carve out time together."

"Miracle workers you two!" 

"In a world where it is very hard to stop and step away from demands, Chef Rafael's classes are often a respite in our busy week to come together as family and create something delicious together. Not only did we create amazing food but important memories that will last a lifetime."

—  Heather Kamia, Social Worker and mom of 10 year old Yeleen and 6 year old Kanu

"For a child with sensory issues, it has given us healthier options"

So much confidence here

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When you have braised pork, there are multiple dishes you can make with it. 

One of them is miso ramen. With the broth, the Japanese egg, the seaweed and the broth, you've got yourself a hearty bowl of soup to keep you warm during the cooler months.

braised pork ramen

Confit is a French technique in cooking where you cook and store the meat in fat.

The benefit to cooking in this method is that you can cook once and eat all week. The meat rendered is moist and packed with flavor. 

confit of chicken

This steak tartare recipe is my Love Potion No. 9 people!

It could be argued that this was the secret to my wife's heart.

The secret to restaurant-quality steak tartare is in the sauce. This is the same, fool-proof recipe I use at all the restaurants I've worked at throughout my career.

Make it to order, table side, just as they do at a French bistro and wow your significant other with this culinary favorite.

steak tartare

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