Why You Should Craft Your Own Epic Charcuterie Board


September 22, 2022

With the holidays fast approaching, the opportunities to host your favorite people at your home are almost here. And if your chips-in-a-bowl, hot-dog-in-a-napkin days are behind you (please tell me they are), knowing what to feed your guests can be an endless nightmare.

Do you cook yourself, hiding away in the kitchen while your friends have all the fun? Or do you spend hundreds on caterers for what was supposed to be a relaxed day watching the football? What if I told you there was a cost-effective, delicious, and fancy alternative? Well, there is, and we call it charcuterie.  

Now, you’ve probably come across charcuterie in one of two ways. You have probably ooohed and ahhhed at the sight of a gorgeous gourmet spread that was delicious but expensive. Maybe a cutting board with packaged salami, plastic cheese, and ritz crackers strewn across it that reminded you of a lunch box?

But guess what? There’s secret option three!

You can make your own EPIC charcuterie board with all the finest, freshest gourmet ingredients, at half the cost of hiring someone to make it for you. Not only am I going to let you in on my best secrets for producing a charcuterie board that can feed up to 20 people, but I’m also going to link in the resources you will need, and show you where you can get even more information on how to construct show-stopping charcuterie board like a pro.

Reasons to make your own epic charcuterie board

So why are people choosing to make their own charcuterie boards? If you’re on the fence as to whether making your own board is worth it, let me nudge you onto the side of the fence where everything is hand-picked, delicious, and pretty. 

There is something for everyone

A charcuterie board is more than a platter, it is a procured display of high-quality produce and foodstuffs. Even if you know all of your friends’ and family members’ preferences and dietary requirements by heart, you are never going to know what they will be hungry for when they arrive at your home! Having the variety of a charcuterie board means that even the pickiest eaters will find something they want to nibble on. 

Save money by making your own epic charcuterie board

It may seem counterintuitive to use the best quality ingredients in hopes of saving money- but the amount you will save on labor, transport, and other costs can instead go towards a larger platter with products you get to choose yourself! 

You can control the quality

While many charcuterie services use high-quality products, you can’t ever be sure of when and where goods were purchased unless you do it yourself. You only want the very best and freshest food for your guests. Not only that, but you can choose the brands, varieties, and amounts that you want- making it the best quality board possible for you and your people.  

Customize your own epic charcuterie board

Want to theme your charcuterie with a region, country, or particular aesthetic? Maybe you want local produce only. Maybe you don’t like most cheeses (or maybe you want all the cheeses). With your own board, you can do whatever you want, it’s completely up to you!

You can manage dietary restrictions when crafting your own epic charcuterie board

Whether you’re having a vegetarian get-together, your celiac cousins are in town, or your bestie is currently staying away from processed foods- you can cater to anyone with a hand-crafted charcuterie board. Not only that, but you can cater to multiple dietary restrictions at once! 

Impress family and friends with an epic charcuterie board made with choice items

What better way to show people you care about them and that you’re extremely brilliant and talented than by creating a highly-curated, personalized, and stylized charcuterie board that looks as amazing as it tastes? 

Channel your Creativity when you craft and epic charcuterie board

Making a charcuterie board isn’t just a method of food preparation, it’s an art form. What’s even better is that it feels like art when you’re making it. The careful selection of the perfect products. The soothing cutting, chopping, and folding. The arranging, then rearranging until it looks just right. It’s relaxing, creative, and fun. 

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