WOW-Worthy Food Boards: Tips & Themes


October 26, 2022

Everyone knows the famed charcuterie board. You may have even mastered building a charcuterie board with a wow factor. Charcuterie boards, a go-to choice for hosts since their popularity boom in 2020, are tried and true. No doubt, the 15th-century French chefs knew what they were doing when creating these delicious plates. But, it’s time to go to the next level! To really WOW your guests, add a dash of originality and a sprinkle of creativity by preparing wow-worthy food boards.

Our tips and theme ideas below will prepare you to craft epic food boards that are as memorable as they are flavorful.

With these tips, you’ll proudly display crowd-pleasing and show-stopping food boards at your next gathering. 

6 Tips to WOW-Worthy Food Boards

Tips to Create a WOW-Worthy Food Boards

Color, texture, and sophisticated ingredients take your board from simply edible to boldly Instagram-worthy. Unleash your inner artist, and you’ll whip up an impressive five-star board in no time!

  1. Spice Up the Color and Texture
  2. Prep, Prep, Prep
  3. Run With the Theme
  4. Use Sophisticated Ingredients
  5. Beyond the Board
  6. Special Touches

1. Spice Up the Color and Texture

Are you excited to elevate your epic food board yet? Let’s get started! First, when you’re brainstorming food board ideas, consider the visuals. It’s equally important to consider the textures of each ingredient. 

Now, the main principle here is to add variety. For instance, tender fruit is balanced by crunchy sugar-coated pecans. Select diverse colors to create an artist’s palette worthy of any Pinterest board. This technique will really heighten your wow-worthy food board to the next level!

2. Prep, Prep, Prep

The beauty of food boards is you can prep them beforehand. This trick will leave you stress-free no matter the occasion, even if you’re hosting a holiday party. So, you’ll have time before showcasing your board to prepare the table, the decor, and the music and lighting. You can really have it all with this elegant and effortless home meal!

3. Run With the Theme

Speaking of prepping your table and decor, let’s talk about the theme. When you decide on the food board you want, expand on it! You want your guests to soak in the ambiance as they enjoy the rich palate of flavors on your epic food board. 

For example, if your board is Mediterranean-themed, bring on the warm, neutral tones. Add it to your dishware, place settings, and the board itself. Bringing soul to the environment surrounding your board will elevate your family and guests’ experiences. 

4. Use Sophisticated Ingredients

Whether your board is just for your hubby and the kids or a larger party, have fun with the ingredients! Seize this opportunity to try new flavors. I know you’ve been eyeing an exotic fruit and breezing past the cheese stand at the farmer’s market every weekend. But, now’s the time to grab those items and put them on display. 

For instance, select a unique local honey to serve on a fruit and nut board. Swap the basic green olives for Italian salt-cured olives. Craft your own homemade dips with fresh ingredients. Salt and roast palm nuts rather than dish out plain walnuts. The possibilities are endless!

5. Beyond the Board

Who said you have to use a plain old wooden board? I know you have an elegant selection of platters and trays, so now’s the time to bring them out of hiding. Also, refresh your board selection by investing in a personalized, themed board for your occasion. For even more pizazz, use a tiered tower or lay your spread across your kitchen island.

In short, your sophisticated ingredients deserve eye-catching plating. This is how you make your show-stopping food board memorable.

6. Special Touches for WOW-Worthy Food Boards

Creating a WOW factor is all in the details. What can you add to your board to make it truly special? Maybe you’re making this board to celebrate your daughter’s recent winning volleyball game. Use little chalk labels to write encouraging messages (“Congrats!” and “Way to Get ‘Em”!) that will help her feel that win. 

Meal time is your chance to bond over exquisitely presented food, and food boards are no exception. Nothing impresses your family and friends more than seeing your dedication to making them smile! 

Create Food Boards With A WOW-Factor.

Epic Food Board Theme Ideas

Use these theme ideas as inspiration to start building your very own WOW-worthy food boards!

  1. Italian
  2. Coastal
  3. Breakfast
  4. French

1. Italian

Bring on the mozzarella and burrata! Italian food boards are perfect for every evening, from large gatherings to intimate date nights. Decorate your home and table well enough, and your guests might just believe they’re spending the evening in Tuscany. 

2. Coastal

Think Hawaiian, Peruvian, or Japanese. If you’re in the market, you’ll have no shortage of beachy cutting boards. Decorate your dining room with blues, whites, golds, and glitter. Select and artfully plate unique seafood bites, and if they’re in season, serve fresh oysters on your coastal food board. In no time, your delectable coastal platter will be the talk of the town.

3. Breakfast

Looking to entertain the gals this weekend? Dress up for a sexy brunch featuring a masterful breakfast board. Smother your marble slabs with mini chocolate-chip waffles, flavored syrups, fresh jams, and exotic fruit. Don’t forget to add a twist to your mimosas on the side, and all you’ll be missing is a professional photographer to document the moment. Your breakfast board will bring the WOW factor to this epic brunch!

4. French

This theme has limitless potential to be as elegant as it is mouthwatering. Make your guests feel like they’re inside a bistro in Paris by creating an intimate, minimalist environment. For this theme, allow the fresh breads and unique cheeses to truly be the centerpiece. Use little labels, especially if you have a wide variety of exceptional cheeses, which I’m sure you will. 

WOW-Worthy Food Boards: Conclusion

By now, you have enough know-how to make your friends rave about your next wow-worthy food board. Take your confidence and turn it into your next culinary adventure! Inspire and impress your guests with this masterpiece.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the one place where your family and beloved guests gather and create lasting memories. You wish to WOW your friends and family, but you need more ideas and inspiration. 

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