Zoom Cooking Classes for Families: Restore Your Family Cooking Ritual


May 24, 2022

Chef Rafael Gonzalez and family in the kitchen

Is your family less enthusiastic about your current tried-and-true recipes? It might be time to give your kitchen ritual a makeover by enlisting in Zoom cooking classes for the family.

Now you can join me, Chef Rafael Gonzalez, from your kitchen wherever you are when you become a member of the Home Chef Society. If you sign up now for the waitlist in fall, you can secure your spot and bring back the family cooking ritual to your kitchen, working alongside my family and me.

Chef Rafael Gonzalez teaching a zoom cooking class

It’s the perfect gift for the family as those fall and winter holidays approach too!

Why Join Up as a  Home Chef Society Member (Zoom Cooking Classes for Families with Kids and Teens)

I’m opening up my family kitchen to cook with you and your family when you join The Home Chef Society. It’s a great way to get guided instruction with new cooking techniques and cuisines you may have been to apprehensive to approach on your own.

It’s not a boxed meal kit

Unlike boxed meal kits, you have live and interactive guidance from me. You’ll learn real techniques and skills I teach my professional cooks at work.

With Sunday evening classes twice per month, you and your family will slow down and enjoy the time together, creating a kitchen ritual that you can carry on for generations. Plus, you will be sure your family is getting healthy, nutritious meals that will please even the pickiest eaters in the family. 

Family of four happily cooking together

I do all the meal planning for you

When you’re stressed from meal planning, my cooking class membership can help. You will also get a recipe collection from my own personal stash. This can help you find ideas for any meal from breakfast to dinner and snacks to desserts. 

But most importantly, you’ll learn the art of cooking with the family to make exciting cuisine in your home kitchen. You’ll get the ingredient list in your email a week prior to each class so you can have everything you need on hand.

What’s in store?

When it’s time to start cooking with me, expect to be wowed with dishes like New Orleans jambalaya, French beignets, and a Sazerac cocktail for the grownups; celebratory meals like coq au vin for Bastille Day; different yet delicious ways to make Asian noodles; Spanish tapas; potato gnocchi; and so much more. 

These mouth-watering meals are easier than you think to create. With my interactive lessons, you’ll have professional guidance every step of the way. Between lessons, you can ask me any questions you may have in the exclusive private group only available to members. 

Chef Rafael Gonzalez teaching a live zoom cooking class

Who are these zoom cooking classes for?

If you keep making the same old things yet expect different results, then this program is for you. My family and I are opening up our kitchen to bring you global cuisine in a simplified and accessible way. If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys not just eating but the whole experience of cooking: from preparation to presentation, and you take pride in your finished product, you’ve come to the right place.

From my family to yours, we know the importance of sharing a home cooked meal together, and sharing the lessons on how to prepare them will last a lifetime. 

As space is limited, make sure you sign up today so you don’t miss out on our next season of interactive, chef-led cooking instructions that will take your family’s cooking expertise to the next level!

There are so many benefits to cooking as a family. Check out this article HERE from The Growing Room.

How do I sign up?

Be sure to be included in the waitlist for the next round. Request an invitation right HERE.

The Home Chef Society: http://chefrafaelgonzalez.com/home-chef-society

The Home Chef Society: Zoom cooking classes for the whole family

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