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Arugula pasta with mascarpone cheese


A weeknight meal favorite rich in magnesium and so quick and easy to prepare.

Caprese salad with heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata


Level up your Caprese using in-season heirloom tomatoes in different colors and flavors plus the creaminess of burrata.

Love to explore dishes of the world? We love to feature global recipes to expand your taste buds and enhance your current menu rotation so you'll never have that "same old" meal again.

global cuisine in your kitchen

restaurant techniques for the home cook

One of the things I learned from teaching kids how to cook during the pandemic is that they absorb everything. I taught them the same techniques I taught my professional cooks at work. They are just as capable of developing those skills early on. 

what you'll learn from us: 

happy hour in your living room

Long day? Nothing like unwinding in the comfort of your own home, whether you're flat on the couch, in your lounger in the backyard or in the kitchen getting ready to cook up a storm. We share our fave cocktails, classic and modern so you can build your own bar and mix your own libations.

teach kids how to handle kitchen emergencies

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When I ask parents why they haven’t taught their teens to cook, they explain that they’re afraid.  Cooking is dangerous! What if their child got hurt or caused an accident? There are three most common kitchen emergencies we should be able to handle with confidence and in this post, I’m sharing how you can teach your kids to manage them like a pro.

Stovetop Fires, Cuts, and Burns: Teach your kids to handle kitchen emergencies like a chef


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Over the Labor Day weekend, we hosted a live workshop called, An Epic Charcuterie Board. A show-stopping charcuterie board not only creates a WOW factor for any event you’re hosting, but also provides your guests with so many meat, cheese and other accoutrements to choose from. It was amazing to see the culinary creations of […]

A Show-Stopping Charcuterie Board and What You Can Do With Leftovers

Cuban Vaca Frita de Pollo

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Vaca Frita de Pollo is one new dish you can start adding to your weeknight rotation because of its ease to make and for its signature citrus flavor that is so refreshing…its downright addictive! You may or may not have heard, but Cuban cuisine has risen in popularity. With its history comprising of Spanish colonization, […]

Vaca Frita – A Champion Cuban Meal for Any Night of the Week


cook with your family in a small kitchen

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Think the best meals come from a Williams Sonoma-like kitchen? Nah. You can cook for your family in a small kitchen! TRUTH BOMB: I’ve cooked in million-dollar private homes many times in the past from New York to Vancouver to Houston. As gorgeous and sometimes mind-blowing these luxury kitchens were, they were hardly ever used. […]

Cook For Your Family In a Small Kitchen

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A nightly family dinner routine is one of the age-old traditions that has struggled to stick around in current times. With more parents working than ever before, extracurriculars for kids, and the general chaos of life, it can feel almost impossible to make sure that dinner is eaten as a family each night. Even so, […]

Why You Should Create a Nightly Family Dinner Routine


chicken fajitas with onions and bell peppers

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Want to have Tex Mex night at home with this simple and easy to make Chicken and Vegetable Fajitas recipe? It’s such a great meal to have because its packed with nutritious ingredients, lean protein and fiber. This Chicken and Vegetable Fajitas recipe is made with chicken (obviously) plus onions and peppers. Those simple three […]

Tex Mex Chicken and Vegetable Fajitas

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Cooking spaghetti bolognese is easier than you think! When we first moved to Houston, TX in 2017 from living in the Caribbean for 5 years, the company set our family up at the hotel residences for the first 4 months.  It was convenient living at the hotel being new to the city and the demands […]

Simplified Spaghetti Bolognese


cooking for mental health

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How does cooking benefit your mental health? A friend of ours poured her heart out to her new therapist.  Depression and anxiety were leaving her unable to balance all the demands in her life, and she needed help.  The family was stretched to its limits, and as a single parent, she’d learned to rely on […]

Cooking for Mental Health? Why the Kitchen Can Help Cure Depression

cod fish tacos with chili lime crema

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You’re going to love how easy and quick this meal is to make at home. If you enjoy creating restaurant-style meals from your own kitchen, appreciate food styling and presentation, this Beer and Vodka Battered Cod Fish Tacos with Chili Lime Crema recipe is easy to make and simply amazing! It’s guaranteed to please your […]

Beer and Vodka Battered Cod Fish Tacos with Chili-Lime Crema and Red Cabbage Slaw


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